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Christmas Cactus (Zygo)

Common Name: Christmas Cactus (Zygo)

Botanical Name:Schlumbergera spp.

Description: Many succulent flattened sections with toothed edges form multi-branching stems. Long spindle shaped buds open with outer petals becoming re-curved (curving outward).

Origin: Native to the South American Jungles

Indoor Temperature Range: Maintain temperatures between 60°F - 68°F, (16°C - 20°C). Anything below 50°F, (10°C) will cause flowers to drop. Christmas cacti require about 50 to 60 percent humidity.

Indoor Light Requirements: High light should be provided to prevent flower drop. Place plants near a south, west or east facing window, but not in direct sunlight.

Water Requirements: Keep soil moderately moist.

Fertilizer: In late October or early November, make an application of a 0-10-10 type liquid fertilizer. A second application of this fertilizer can be made in February. During the growing season from April through September, fertilize the plants with an all purpose liquid houseplant type fertilizer. The fertilizer you use should have a nitrogen ratio of no higher than 10 percent.

Season: October - December

Plant Care: With proper care, this plant will last for many seasons and will re-bloom every year. Blooms should be taken off once they turn brown to maintain an attractive looking plant and encourage new blooms.

Trouble Shooting: If your plant begins to look puny, has pale-green stem segments or drops flower buds, increase light and be sure it is not too hot at night.

November - December
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